Server Room Air Conditioning

Precision Temperature and Humidity Control.

Server Room Air Conditioning has very similar problems to Data Centre Cooling – computers and servers both produce large amounts of heat and this results in a need for an external cooling solution, in order for your computers and servers to run efficiently. 

Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity within tight tolerances is critical to your I.T. system reliability.

Depending on the heat load with in your server room will have an effect on the type of Cooling solution that would be required to get the best value for money system. There are CRAC units, Heatpumps, Commercial units, top of rack units and the list goes on.

It’s important to ensure you have the correct system installed and then maintained no matter what size your server room is. The question that needs to be asked is “How much will it cost if the Company Servers go down?” as opposed to “How much does it cost for a cooling system?’

IT Air specialises in the supply and installation of innovative and intelligent solutions for air conditioning and air treatment that is gentler on the environment as well as your system.

We can help you out with our experienced and dedicated personnel who will Design, install and maintain a system that’s specific to your needs. 

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  • 3 kw is the average rack heat rejection
  • Commercial type unit capacity is based Latent heat (temperature and humidity) and not Sensible heat (temperature only), the heat from the servers is sensible heat so if thinking of commercial type units then the stated capacity will be approx. 30% less i.e. 6kw is now equal to 4kw sensible.
  • Commercial units are not designed to run 24/7 so always look at putting in 2 units if installing this type unit and set them up on a Lead-Lag basis each one operating on a time schedule i.e. 24hr change over (and do it during the day when people are at work, not the middle of the night, just in case it goes wrong)


  • Efficient cooling will result in better power efficiency 
  • Reduce costs
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Less power on cooling meaning additional power for I.T.
  • Less power consumption reduces our carbon footprint.


  • Precision temperature and humidity control
  • Chilled water systems
  • Free cooling solutions
  • DX (refrigerated) Systems
  • Split systems
  • 24/7 call out maintenance
  • Specialised air conditioning equipment
  • Process coolers
  • Containment systems
  • I.T. control systems
  • Monitoring systems

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