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IT Air Ltd. are resellers in New Zealand for ASI Controls, an American Building Management Systems manufacturer. ASI controls have been manufacturing building management control components since 1986.
ASI Controls can be adapted to not only be used as a BMS system but also a Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system by simply programming it to monitor the various sections of the facility and then delivering up to date trend graphing and reporting with an easy CSV data export. An ASI Energy Management solution (EMS) can be used for power consumption monitoring for the entire complex and/or individual pieces of equipment, control of lighting, control of security access, temperature and humidity monitoring, logging running hours for various pieces of equipment………and much, much more.
ASI Controls offers you direct digital control BAS solutions for a wide range of needs, including Telecommunication, Data Centres, Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Institutional and Governmental facilities.
Many buildings tend to run with a very much less than optimal energy intensity.
Energy management systems (EMS) from ASI Controls optimize building energy use through:

  • Automated Alarm and event notifications
  • Historical data archiving in an ODBC data base
  • Advanced graphing and reporting with easy CSV data export
  • Modbus and BACnet integration for pumps, drives, meters etc.
  • Automated climate control, with energy-saving features such as demand limiting, load shedding, optimum start, and Modbus for control of VFDs and other energy-efficient devices.
  • Browser-based monitoring of key systems and components, with the status of current conditions, notification if components fail or conditions are unsatisfactory, and the ability to remotely set schedules and adjust setpoints and temperatures.
  • Verifiable, persistent energy cost savings, which help to lower O&M expenses and maximize ROI on capital equipment.

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