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Monitoring for your Peace of Mind

Every data centre, server room, IT closet, and critical facility needs to be protected against outages and potential data/asset loss resulting from environment factors.

IT Air Ltd. are resellers for AVTECH Room Alert monitoring systems, Avtech have been manufacturing monitoring equipment for over 30 years, which monitor not only temperature and humidity but have add ons for flood sensors, fire sensors, power sensors…. The list goes on.

Here are a few of the things you really should be monitoring.

1. Temperature

Temperature is the biggest environmental threat to computer equipment. Servers become damaged due to a too warm environment, which in turn will shorten the expected life of the electronic componentry.

2. Humidity

In a computer room or server room, relative humidity (RH) levels should be between 40% and 60%. If RH is too high, water condensation could form within the equipment creating major problems. Or with the RH being too low it can result in electrostatic discharge, which can also cause the server to malfunction.

3. Water

One of the biggest threats for a server is water leaks. It’s not always known if water pipes are in the wall and ceiling for your server rooms. Server rooms are seldom occupied so a slow water leak could cause critical damage. It’s also the same with you’re A/C units which are notorious for causing water damage. A small amount of water in the wrong place can short circuit several valuable components, which leads to the downtime of your network and lost revenue.

4. Intentional Destruction

Intention destruction should not be underestimated when it comes to your data. Both cyber and physical-intruders are always a threat, and your servers need to be protected from both. Security door locks are a vital first step, then also installing a motion sensor and rack door sensors will let you know when someone has entered the room and opened a rack door.

This also applies to warehouse monitoring, cold storage, food & beverage, medical & pharmaceutical, residential & commercial real estate.

How Much Would an Outage Cost You?

Monitoring the environment of your server room is critical to ensuring uptime and system reliability. The hourly cost for the downtime of a computer network can be astronomical. Do you know how much downtime will cost you? Here’s the formula to work it out, you may be surprised to see how much a bit of simple monitoring can save you!

LABOR COST = P x E x R x H

P = number of people affected
E = average percentage they are affected
R = average employee cost per hour
H = number of hours of outage

GR = yearly gross revenue
TH = total annual business hours
I = percentage impact (A high percentage would mean you can’t complete any transactions and will lose clients.)
H = number of hours of outage

Any organization now has a number of options available for environment monitoring through various methods and devices. IT Air Ltd. firmly believes that AVTECH’s Room Alert offers all of the qualities, options, and features required to help keep you protected. Users in over 180 countries made the choice to rely on Room Alert for their proactive environment monitoring.

If you’re not one of Avtech’s current users, we certainly hope that we will be able to help you proactively monitor your facilities in the very near future. Let IT Air know what issues you might be facing when it comes to your server room monitoring, and we’ll be happy to let you know how Room Alert can help protect your organization.

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