Data Centre Cooling

Precision Temperature and Humidity Control.

Data Centre cooling, like Server Room cooling, is a huge challenge to those in both the IT & Air conditioning Industries. 

The experience and expertise of the staff at  IT Air Ltd. can help you understand what are the available options, and assist with installation within your facility. In the age of modern technology, many Data Centre Managers are faced with the challenges associated with managing the temperatures of servers & server racks.

Servers are known to generate tremendous amounts of heat so keeping them cool is no small feat since their built-in fans are designed to only move the ambient air within the server environment. Failing to keep the computer hardware cool can lead to major damage or even system failure meaning bringing your business to a grinding halt. So having the correct temperature and humidity control systems in place is super important.

Cooling is commonly the biggest power consumer within a Data Centre Facility so selecting the right solution is of paramount importance in improving the energy efficiency of the facility thus reducing operational costs in future. Central to the cooling solution of your facility is understanding where the power usage of your I.T. equipment is being deployed. Once this is clear, you need know-how of controlling the airflow to negate hot-spots, while maximising airflow efficiency. There are many types of data centre cooling systems available. This combined knowledge is the key to maintaining the right environmental conditions. IT Air Ltd. can help you with CRAC units, CRAH units, Door units, top of rack units and the list goes on.


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  • Efficient cooling will result in better power efficiency 
  • Reduce costs
  • Environmentally friendly solutions
  • Less power on cooling meaning additional power for I.T.
  • Less power consumption reduces our carbon footprint.

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